A winery of today housed in a sixteenth-century winery

My small, humble winery is held up by an ORIGINAL BEAM from our 16th century of the FAMILY HOME in the historic center of Baños de Río Tobía, where my ancestors made their wines and where my grandfather left in the mid 70’s when he joined the Cooperative of the area.

In 2006 I started the renovation of the old winery, which was sinking into the ground, and once the work progressed, I saw the possibility ofADAPTING IT AND USING IT AGAIN. There began a personal project of tireless work that led me to the production of MY FIRST VINTAGE in 2014.

I have updated the winery to fulfil the needs of modern yet artisan wine production, maintaining the ORIGINAL CHARACTER AND ARCHITECTURE, such as the fretwork and the central beam, in facilities that are built at differing heights, which allows the wine to flow through the process naturally using gravity, thereby significantly reducing the use of machinery.

Because of this, I’m able to preserve the INTEGRITY OF THE GRAPES and obtainPURER WINES.

In the cellar I’m able to have complete CONTROL of temperature and humidity all year round.

The features of the ORIGINAL ARCHITECTURE are so important that I wanted them reflected on the wine LABELS: the centenary beam takes pride of place on the label of Clemente García Garnacha, my most emblematic wine; the column that holds the beam appears on the label of Clemente García Tempranillo and the stonework in our cellar is featured on Clemente García Viura.