An idea, a dream, a personal project that revolves around the Grenache grape.

Clemente García

I’m Clemente García. I cultivate vines planted by my grandfather and process the grapes in a refurbished family winery. As the grandson of winegrowers, vineyards have had a special place in my heart since I was a small boy.


At the age of 18 I began to take care of the FAMILY VINEYARD, but it would be some years before I took charge of the old family winery and turned it into what is today, BODEGA CLEMENTE GARCÍA, a winery that bears my name, but also represents an entire family history. I hope that my wine reflects this history when you enjoy a glass.

You’ve got to have a try!

The 4 grapes of Rioja wine that I work with are very different from each other, they are VARIETIES of GARNACHA/Grenache, TEMPRANILLO and VIURAthat are blessed to have exceptional care and attention from us in our vineyard.


These wine are perhaps aimed at those who are looking for WINES which are a bit SPECIAL or unusual, such as the grenache aged in large clay jars or our white wine aged on its lees, for example.

Grenache, the pampered grape

I work with the Grenache grape with great care, a TYPICAL VARIETY in our area and recovered after a time when it was deeply undervalued. It allows me to achieve that AUTHENTICITY and IDENTITY in our wines.

Learn about it at the winery

If you come by, I’ll show you how I have been renovating and bringing back to life my grandfather’sOLD WINE CELLAR inside our 16th century family home, I’ll explain why I am so passionate about the vineyard and you can see where I make my wines.

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