A commitment to organic viticulture

January 3, 2022
When Clemente García decided to embark on this adventure, he was very clear about his respect for the land as a guarantee for the future, which is why he decided to opt for organic viticulture. Today, according to the International Wine Organisation (OIV), almost half a million hectares worldwide are worked using organic techniques. In our winery we work all our vineyards in this way, allowing the grapes to naturally express all their potential and flavours which come from the earth they grow in.
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Clemente García Garnacha releases new vintage and organic certification

December 5, 2021
We are launching the 2018 vintage of our Clemente García Garnacha on the market with the EU organic certification back label. We put a lot of effort into caring for our vineyards and we are committed to organic viticulture because we believe it has many benefits; the only thing missing was official recognition.
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Thank you for joining us at the wine tasting in aid of La Palma

December 1, 2021
Thank you so much to the hundred of you who joined us last Saturday at the wine tasting in aid of La Palma in our village Baños de Río Tobía. We would also like to thank the work of the organisation and the support of all the people involved, as without their efforts this "union" of wines from the Canary Islands and La Rioja would not have been possible.
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Join us for this Charity Tasting for La Palma!

November 1, 2021
On the 27th of November, in the municipal frontón court of our village, we will participate in a charity tasting of wines from the Canary Islands and La Rioja to raise funds and help to mitigate the damage caused by the volcanic erruption. We will be together with two other wineries from La Rioja and five wineries from the Canary Islands, and the wines will be tasted under the direction of sommeliers Ana María Martín and Ángel Villar, as well as oenologists and winemakers Juan Carlos Sancha and Clemente García. In addition, there will be live connections with the Canarian wineries.
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This is how we choose the best grapes for harvesting

October 13, 2021
Although we have already harvested the plots of our white grapes, we continue to exhaustively control the ripening of the red grapes in order to harvest at the right moment when the grapes are at the certain point, so as to to produce our wines with the quality we demand.
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The moment has arrived!!!!

October 9, 2021
We’ve started cutting the first grapes of the 2021 vintage. They look extraordinary! We are sure that we will make great wines with them. As always, we start with the white grapes, the first to reach optimum ripeness.
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We get a visit from The association of Sommeliers, La Rioja!

June 8, 2021
Yesterday in our winery we were able to enjoy a visit from the Sommeliers of La Rioja. Thanks to the members who participated in our "high altitude enogastronomic experience" organised by our winery with Jamón Sobrón Martínez Embutidos (cured meats) in our village, Baños de Río Tobía, with a great tradition of sausage making and with our vineyards on the edge of the Rioja region.
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Good wines are made in the vineyard

April 20, 2021
We are convinced that nowadays good wines are made in the vineyard, carefully nurturing it at every opportunity. In Clemente's case, where he feels most at home is in the vineyard, in the three hectares where he works with organic and sustainable winegrowing.
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It’s our anniversary!

April 3, 2021
Although the history of our designation of origin goes back thousands of years, it is now 30 years since one of the key milestones in its development: on 3 April 1991, we were officially recognised as a Qualified Designation of Origin, which placed us in a higher category.
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We are Winery of the Month in the Rioja press!

March 23, 2021
We are Winery of the Month in the Rioja press, a publication that specialises in wine, gastronomy and tourism! n the publication there is a detailed article about us: our origins, the restoration of the winery where our grandfather used to make wine in the 16th century family home in the historic centre of Baños de Río Tobía and how a personal project of blood, sweat and tears began that led me to the production of my first vintage in 2014.
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