The beginnings are in the vineyard

The vineyards, which I have been fond from early childhood thanks to my grandfather, are located in Baños de Río Tobía in one of the HIGHEST and COOLEST AREAS of RIOJA ALTAat an altitude between 560 and 740 meters. Here I cultivate the vines organically under special, strict guidelines from theLOCAL MUNICIPALITY.
In the family we have vineyards of Grenache and Tempranillo between 25 and 75 years old and Viura with an average age of 60.

Organic viticulture

I work three hectares practicing organic and sustainable viticulture, convinced that respect for the land is theBEST GUARANTEE FOR THE FUTURE and allows me to take care of our vineyards in the best way possible. Because of this, the grapes naturally express all their VARIETY and TAKE FLAVOURS and ESSENCES FROM THE LAND allowing me to develope MORE ORIGINAL WINES, especially in terms of their aromas.


Moreover, by not using chemical products in the environment of our vineyards, I encourage aNATURAL ECOSYSTEM of animals and plants that protects the vineyard from pests and diseases.


Good wines are made in the vineyard, working with CARE and PATIENCE, which is why I dedicate a lot of time and effort to it during the whole growing cycle and control its productionFROM THE PRUNING UP UNTIL THE HARVEST. We harvest by hand using boxes, selecting the grapes in the vineyard itself so that only the best are taken to the winery.

Grenache, my favourite grape

I work lovingly with Grenache, our favourite grape, a typical variety in our area. A once lost VARIETY that for a while was deeply undervalued, allows me to achieve a special AUTHENTICITY and IDENTITY in our wines. .


Grenache provides a greater quantity of native yeasts, higher total acidity and lower pH, greater aromatic intensity and colour, which means a higher potential quality of the wines. Being at high altitude leads to a Grenache with a lot of FRESHNESS and VERY INTENSE FRUITINESS.


In the vineyard, it is a very resistant variety to pests and diseases, which really helps when working using organic processes.